eCommerce Duty Estimator - For Importers and eCommerce Cargo Consolidators 

The Customs Duty Estimator provides or online shoppers with a fast an acurate way to ascertain the rate of  duty, taxes and amount payable on goods being purchased online for importation into Jamaica.  Please note this does not include the Customs Administration Fee (CAF).

How do you use this new service?

Option 1
Step 1: Simply Browse to the webpage of the intended item which provides the Item Description and Cost
Step 2: Copy the URL from the browser 
Step 3: Select the Duty Estimator link below and paste the URL of the item in the Product URL then select Submit
Step 4: Use the down arrow from the field displaying the 10 digit HS Code (Tariff Code) to select the description and Code which best describes the item in question to view the associated duties & taxes

Option 2
Step 1: Use the drop-down arrow beside the "Product URL" selection to change the search criteria to "Product Description"
Step 2: Enter the details which best describes the item of interest (eg. Samsung Note 10+)
Step 3: Select the "Submit button" which will return the item image, description, URL (source of the data) and the estimated duties and taxes

Duty Estimator:

Key Notes

Using the Product Description option, the service will return the image, name and description of each item once found.  The name and description of the item can be selected to view the source website being reference for further pertinent details f(eg. Amazon or ebay).

If the search is not accurate please select None of the above and add additional details which would be more specific to the item in question (eg. Samsung Note vs Samsung Note 10+).


Please note the duties and tax calculated is ONLY an estimate and for demonstrative purposes ONLY. This estimate does not include freight, insurance, and the Customs Administrative Fee (CAF).