ASYCUDA World is designed to facilitate easier submission of manifests and goods declarations to Customs.

Cargo Reporters can either manually enter vessel and cargo information or use the Fast Cargo Integration feature that uses XML to quickly fulfil Customs cargo manifest reporting requirements.

It is imperative that all users of the system understand that the electronic submission of manifest information via ASYCUDA is no less valid than submitting the hardcopy and the implications for misdeclaration apply equally. 

READ: Customs (Amendment) Act, 2014


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XML Schemas

There are three types of XML Schemas accepted for Manifest Submissions to Jamaica Customs:
    1. AWMDS - Vessel Operator / Main Agent
    2. AWAPPEND - Appending to a Stored or Registered Manifest
    3. AWBOLDS - Degroupage / Breakdown Manifest


It should be understood that the C4 or Vessel Declaration can now be submitted at the same time as the Manifest in the same XML file. This vessel information is captured in the General Segment in ASYCUDA World and is only expected from the Carrier or Main Agent responsible for reporting the vessel.

The AWMDS format allows for all reporting requirements to be fulfilled using a single submission.

  • General Segment (Vessel Information)
  • COLOADERS (Indicate/Authorize Vessel Sharing partners)
  • Bills of Lading (Including Authorizing Master BOL for degroupage)
  • Splitting of Bills (Where multiple package types span a single bill of lading)
  • Hazardous Cargo
  • Attachments


The AWAPPEND format allows A Main Agent who has already stored a manifest to append additional waybills.

This AWAPPEND format is the same format used by Coloaders who have been authorized by the vessel operator to submit manifests

The details of the vessel are not required when appending to a manifest by the main agent or coloader as such the XML file structure is different. The append structure references the stored vessel/voyage information and is linked by the system.


The AWBOLDS XML Structure is typically used by Freight Forwarders, Consolidators, Logistics Companies that have consolidated shipments that require further breakdown manifests to be submitted to Customs known in ASYCUDA terminology as degroupage.

It is imperative that all Freight Forwarders / Consolidators are aware that degroupage manifests cannot be submitted unless the company has a Master Bill of Lading that has been authorized by the grantor of the Master Bill by Authorizing the TRN of the consolidator / freight forwarder.